25 May 2014 0 Comments
A note about Python 3 readiness

A while back, I created a site Python 3 Readiness which tracks Python 3 support progress for third party libraries.

Since I am using Python in my day job, it is my responsibility to keep track of technical progress of the main language we use. We at my company, still use Python 2. But I wanted to get overview of state of Python 3 to think about porting to Python 3. I took many hours just to get overview. Thus I created the site for myself, and thought others might find it useful as well.

The site was well received from community. Eighteen libraries went green (supported Python 3) since I started the site this March. As of today (25th May, 2014) 258 out of 360 (about 72%) most popular packages in PyPi already support Python 3.

Personally, I am waiting for boto to go green to move on to Python 3. I also want supervisor and fabric (I think porting work is going on), but they are not blockers as I can use Python 2 for deployment for now while using Python 3 for project.

There is nice tool, caniusepython3 to check if your project dependencies support Python 3 so that you can start porting your project.

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